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Changes in the consumer law

On December 25, 2014. enters into force the Act on Consumer Rights, which introduces to the Polish legal system Directive 2011/83/EC and revises implementation of Directive 1999/44/EC. There is little time to become familiar with the new regulations therefore the ECC-Net has developed a Checklist for Consumers and Checklist for Traders as well as QUIZ, which draws attention to the essential issues of e-commerce: 10 questions to the owners of online shops and 10 questions to their customers.

The right to "objective" Internet search engine

The European Parliament called on EU member states and the European Commission to break down barriers to the growth of the EU's digital single market in a resolution voted on 27th of November. MEPs also stressed the need to prevent online companies from abusing dominant positions by enforcing EU competition rules and unbundling search engines from other commercial services.

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The unused airplane tickets ...

A Polish consumer who had lived for many years in the UK, decided to visit Poland, so purchased plane tickets for all family members from the Irish carrier. Unfortunately, the implementation of this plan was disturbed by illness and death of her husband. Therefore, the Pole asked the airline for a refund. But the complaint has not been resolved in favor of the consumer.

Sometimes the game does not pay off

The consumer from the Netherlands wanted to buy the game on the website of Polish company. For this purpose created an account on the portal of entrepreneur, paid money on the account and ordered the game. The seller did not deliver the ordered good, however due to consumer complaint promised to return the money. Weeks passed and the consumer has not received the refund.

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