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Changes in roaming charges in the EU

From April 30th, surcharges for phone calls and data usage when you’re in another EU country are capped even further, while from 15 June 2017 using your mobile phone abroad should cost the same as doing so at home.

Solving disputes online: ODR platform for consumers and traders

The European Commission launched a new platform to help consumers and traders solve online disputes over a purchase made online.

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When the carrier establishes its own law...

If in the course of the conducted case, the ECC encounters collective cross-border infringement of the consumers interests, reports it to the CPC-Net (network of consumer protection authorities of the EU Member States). So it was in the case of a consumer who was traveling with Hungarian airlines.

Leather sofa - shipping damages

The consumer from the Czech Republic bought in the Polish store leather sofa worth more than 1 500 euros. After a few days he noticed some defects in the furniture for example: broken seating, which may have occurred during transportation. The consumer contacted the seller and was proposed replacement of defective parts. At the next delivery, the consumer was more cautious and in the presence of the courier checked the delivered components.

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