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The European Parliament bans roaming fees

The European Parliament amended the text to ban “roaming” charges (extra fees for using a mobile phone to call, send text messages or access the internet in another EU country) anywhere in the EU as of 15 December 2015. If roaming services are abused, however, capped charges could exceptionally be imposed, MEPs say.

Consumer rights on the Internet and e-businesses

On March 24th in Krakow was held a meeting "Consumers rights online" with European Commissioner for consumer policy Neven Mimica organized by MEP Roza Thun with the European Consumer Centre in Poland, the Chamber of Digital Economy and Trusted Shops. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to learn about current activities and plans of the European Commission regarding consumer rights on the Internet.

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On the island with a damaged luggage...

Consumer was traveling German airlines to the Dominican Republic. After arrival to the island, it turned out that his luggage was lost. After a few days of vacation suitcase was delivered to him, but unfortunately in very bad condition.

Fake perfume

Polish consumer has purchased via the internet bottle of branded perfume from a company registered in Estonia. Her order was realized and after a few days she received perfume. Unfortunately, it turned out that the product was an imitation of well-known brand.

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