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Have you ever tried to make a purchase in online store but you were refused due to your place of residence or country of origin?

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Commission works with European consumer authorities to better enforce consumer rights in the car rental sector

Five major car rental companies have agreed to significantly review how they treat consumers thanks to a joint action from the European Commission and national enforcement authorities. Citizens will benefit from more clarity on insurance policies and tank refuelling options, more fairness when handling damages, and more price transparency. Complaints related to car rentals received by the European Consumer Centres have increased sharply in the last two years.

The European Consumer Centres Network turns 10!

2015 marks the 10 years anniversary of the network of European Consumer Centres established in all 28 Member States of the EU, Norway and Iceland and co-funded by the EU consumer Programme. Over the last 10 years, ECCs received more than 650,000 requests for information about their EU consumer rights - up 30 % between 2012 and 2014, and assisted about 300,000 consumers to deal with specific complaints relating to a cross border purchase– up 16 % in the same period. More than two thirds of these complaints could be resolved in an amicable manner between consumers and traders. Here you can find the "The ECC-Net Anniversary Report 2005-2015".

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Mismatched game deletion

An Austrian customer bought online in a Polish shop, a video game, which can be started only with special key. That key was sent to him. However, after few days it appeared that he can no longer play.

The lost smartphone

A Polish consumer purchased a smartphone via online store of German trader. The delivered good turned out to be defective. The seller promised to replace the phone with a new one. After several weeks of waiting for the shipment, worried consumer contacted the trader.

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