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In the EU, as of 13 June 2014, the consumers have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded via the Internet within 14 days. Have you ever used this right?

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Digital Single Market Strategy – meeting of Commissioners

Digital technology is part of everyday life. From studying to watching films, buying or selling online to connecting with friends or your doctor – the internet is a goldmine of digital opportunities. But every day in the EU people and companies run into many barriers – from geo-blocking or cross-border parcel delivery inefficiencies to unconnected e-services. Digital services too often remain confined to national borders. The Juncker Commission has made it a priority to remove these obstacles and create a Digital Single Market: making the EU's single market freedoms "go digital", and boosting growth and jobs on our continent.

Commercial warranties – are they worth the money ?

The EU legal guarantee allows consumers to request, normally within 2 years of purchase, repair or replacement of defective goods, or in some cases a refund. It is mandatory and to be provided at no extra cost by the seller. However, commercial warranties offered against payment are becoming more and more common. But are they worth the extra cost? Do they add to the legal protection in place in the EU, Iceland and Norway? The ECC-Net has carried out 342 checks in 25 countries, screened 104 websites, contacted 127 shops and surveyed 543 consumers online. The results show that not all commercial warranty offers go beyond the legal guarantee and that they contain numerous exclusions. They are most useful when they cover damage from accidents or misuse of products. On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, the ECC-Net is publishing its report on the application of legal guarantees and commercial warranties in the EU, Iceland and Norway.

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Beyond repair

The ECC Poland visited a Polish consumer who bought for her son professional football shoes in the German online shop. Boy was playing in the footwear less than two months, when he discovered the crack of the material. The shoes cost more than 500 PLN so, they were relatively expensive.

Slovak consumer – polish manual

Slovakian consumer bought camera in polish online shop. Along with the device, the seller sent manual in polish. The consumer - according to Slovak consumer law - demanded to be provided with the document in his own language. Polish trader directed his client to website of the producer, where was placed the manual in  electronic version. The document contained approximately 200 pages, so printing it would be additional expense for the consumer. In this situation the client of polish shop made a complaint to ECC-Net.

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