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Arrival time is the moment of opening the aircraft door

The actual arrival time of a flight corresponds to the time at which at least one of the doors of the aircraft is opened. It is only at that time that the length of the delay for the purposes of any compensation may be determined.

Commission presses car rental companies to stop discriminatory practices

The European Commission is today making public a letter which was sent recently to the CEOs of six international car rental companies which offer their services to consumers in all Member States of the European Union.

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Hotel is not enough

A passenger of German airline was traveling from Stuttgart through Berlin to Krakow. The first part of the trip was delayed and she did not manage to catch the flight from Berlin to Krakow. The carrier acknowledged its responsibility for the delay and guaranteed her accommodation in a hotel. As it turned out the hotel was far away from the airport and the consumer had to take a taxi. Additionally incurred costs related to the purchase of food. So after returning to Poland she decided to present receipts for food and taxi to the carrier and requested a refund. Unfortunately, the airline tried to avoid its responsibility.

Bad technology of production

A consumer has bought form the German online shop sandals. Although during the winter she kept them in the right way, under appropriate conditions, the shoes got destroyed. Leather straps around the shoe came off. The consumer consulted this defect with a shoemaker who indicated that the repair is basically impossible, and above all very expensive due to the fact that the defect is the result of poor technology of production.

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