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In the EU, as of 13 June 2014, the consumers have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded via the Internet within 14 days. Have you ever used this right?

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The Polish airline - Eurolot will stop operating

Eurolot announced that it will realize its planned schedule till 31st of March 2015. The company also informed that passengers who purchased tickets for later dates, will receive a 100 percent refund, or as far as possible no-cost flight rebooking on another carrier.

How the air fares should be presented?

According to the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, in the context of a computerised booking system, the final price to be paid must be indicated whenever the prices of air services are shown, including when they are shown for the first time.

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First, document the damage...

A Belgian consumer - passenger of polish airlines was flying from Minsk to Brussels through Warsaw. Her luggage was lost. Therefore passenger gathered numerous documents showing the damage ie. receipts for the clothes that were in the suitcase. Despite this, airlines strongly refused the compensation.

A complaint to the dentist

During the holiday Austrian consumer had to go to the dentist in Poznan/Poland. Unfortunately surgery was performed badly, so the consumer complained of pain in the jaw and headache.

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