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Commission presses car rental companies to stop discriminatory practices

The European Commission is today making public a letter which was sent recently to the CEOs of six international car rental companies which offer their services to consumers in all Member States of the European Union.

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Bad technology of production

A consumer has bought form the German online shop sandals. Although during the winter she kept them in the right way, under appropriate conditions, the shoes got destroyed. Leather straps around the shoe came off. The consumer consulted this defect with a shoemaker who indicated that the repair is basically impossible, and above all very expensive due to the fact that the defect is the result of poor technology of production.

A thief in the hotel

A consumer was spending dream vacation with his family in Tenerife. Unfortunately, during their stay at the hotel, somebody broke into the hotel room and has stolen items worth about 3,000 euros (mobile phones, camera, laptop, tablet, branded sunglasses).

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