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In-app purchases - better protection for consumers in online games

The coordinated enforcement action in the EU on in-app purchases in online and mobile games has made real progress in delivering tangible results. Industry has made a number of engagements which seek to address consumer concerns. The action will increase consumer confidence in the fast-growing "app" sector.

“ECC-Net: Travel App” - new mobile application

Bought something on holiday that became defective shortly afterwards? Trouble with rental cars or hotel accommodation booked from home? Delayed plane on the return flight? In case the holiday turns out differently than planned you should know what to do to exercise your rights. Even better: You can also say it!

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A thief in the hotel

A consumer was spending dream vacation with his family in Tenerife. Unfortunately, during their stay at the hotel, somebody broke into the hotel room and has stolen items worth about 3,000 euros (mobile phones, camera, laptop, tablet, branded sunglasses).

No car, no money…

The consumer from Norway decided to buy a car in Poland. With the help of Polish agent found dream vehicle. The agreement with Polish dealer was signed and the consumer has paid more than 2,000 euros in advance. Time passed, and the car wasn’t still delivered to Norway.

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