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  • ECC Poland informs consumers about their rights in the EU, Norway and Iceland
  • Assists in solving problems with traders from other EU countries
  • Services are free of charge

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ECC-Net will help foreign consumers during WYD

During World Youth Day (WYD) which will be celebrated from July 25–31 in Poland, the pilgrims from the EU states, Norway and Iceland, in case of facing trouble with purchasing goods or services, can contact directly European Consumer Centre in Poland (ECC Poland).

European Consumer Centre in Poland is a part of the ECC-Net, a network of 30 centres, responsible for providing information about consumer rights in the European Union and helping in solving individual problems - consumer complaints related to cross-border transactions.

Changes in roaming charges in the EU

From April 30th, surcharges for phone calls and data usage when you’re in another EU country are capped even further, while from 15 June 2017 using your mobile phone abroad should cost the same as doing so at home.

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Sailing trip without luggage

A passenger from Poland was flying with the Italian airlines and her luggage has been delayed. The carrier informed her that it will be delivered the next day. The consumer has already rented a sailboat. After receiving the information that her luggage will arrive so soon she decided to wait for it at the port. For parking the sailboat paid an additional 158 euros.

The sample of cosmetics for 500 PLN

One day a Polish consumer found in his mailbox mysterious package addressed by the Austrian trader. The consignment contained samples of cosmetics. Surprised consumer considered that this is a form of advertising, because he has never purchased such goods. His surprise was even bigger when after a few weeks received a bill for allegedly "bought" cosmetics. Initially, he ignored it but later kept coming new invoices issued for higher and higher amounts. The consumer found the situation irratonal, but the trader referred the case to the debt collection company which sent another letter to him. Ultimately, the amount of consumer debt was more than 500 PLN (around 115 EUR).

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