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Car rental companies improve treatment of consumers

Did you ever book a car online and find out you had to pay more when you get to the rental desk? Last year, this was the case of 2,000 consumers in Europe, who reported these issues to the European Consumer Centres, which help consumers when they travel or buy cross border. Following a strong increase of the number of complaints on car rental issues, the European Commission and national consumer authorities engaged with the five leading car rental companies to address these issues.

Consumer rights on Black Friday

Poland’s consumer protection Authority and the European Consumer Centres Network offer advice to shoppers for one of the year’s biggest shopping days

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Free book for 45 euros

One day a consumer while sitting at home heard the doorbell. She opened the door, in front of her was a courier who handed her a package with a book about dieting. Although she was surprised signed a protocol – she was assured that the book was free. After opening the package she noticed that behind the cover of the book was placed an invoice.

Snowboard on the snowmobile

A Polish consumer was spending winter holidays in the Czech ski resort. Due to damage of ski lift, the entrepreneur had provided its customers with alternative transport - snowmobile. The consumer was a passenger of snowmobile as well as his equipment - snowboard, which was packed to the rear of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the snowboard was placed carelessly near the exhaust pipe.

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