Examples of cases

“Storm of customers”

A Polish seller was trying to expend his business so created Czech version of his online store. A Czech consumer purchased from him few dresses. Unfortunately they did not meet her expectations. Therefore, she decided to withdrew from the contract and send them back. But the dresses have returned to her. The Consumer tried to contact the online shop but then it turned out that its website was suspended.

Dietary supplements

A Finnish consumer bought supplements from a Polish seller. The product was covered by a quality guarantee, which meant that, in the absence of effects, the consumer could return the goods and receive a full reimbursement. Due to the lack of promised effects, the consumer returned the goods according the received instructions. Unfortunately he did not get promised  reimbursement.


Free book for 45 euros

One day a consumer while sitting at home heard the doorbell. She opened the door, in front of her was a courier who handed her a package with a book about dieting. Although she was surprised signed a protocol – she was assured that the book was free. After opening the package she noticed that behind the cover of the book was placed an invoice.

Snowboard on the snowmobile

A Polish consumer was spending winter holidays in the Czech ski resort. Due to damage of ski lift, the entrepreneur had provided its customers with alternative transport - snowmobile. The consumer was a passenger of snowmobile as well as his equipment - snowboard, which was packed to the rear of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the snowboard was placed carelessly near the exhaust pipe.

Bicycle fork

A consumer ordered via the Internet from a German seller a gift for her husband for more than 8 000 PLN – a bicycle. After receiving and unpacking, it turned out that the bicycle fork is damaged.