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Amendment to the Polish Language Act

The amendment to the Polish Language Act has come into action on 15 October 2009. The new regulation has a significant impact on Polish consumer’s protection law, concerning both foreign and national consumers. It has been enacted in response to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruling, upon which articles 8 passage 2 and 3 have been declared unconstitutional and, in consequence, non-binding.

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ECC-Net and CPC-Net cooperation

Polish consumer has ordered from British trader the carriage of personal belongings from Poland to Great Britain. The service cost 300 euro. However it turned out that the trader has  charged the consumer of 265 euro extra as a punishment for the carriage of alcohol. ECC Poland jointly with ECC UK stated that such a record in contract is an illegal clause.

“Storm of customers”

A Polish seller was trying to expend his business so created Czech version of his online store. A Czech consumer purchased from him few dresses. Unfortunately they did not meet her expectations. Therefore, she decided to withdrew from the contract and send them back. But the dresses have returned to her. The Consumer tried to contact the online shop but then it turned out that its website was suspended.

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