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Volkswagen should act according to the Directive on unfair commercial practices

The EU consumer authorities and the European Commission sent a joint letter to the CEO of Volkswagen urging the group to swiftly repair all cars affected by the "dieselgate" scandal. This is part of a coordinated action by EU consumer authorities to make sure that the Volkswagen group respects consumer law in the aftermath of the scandal and is proactive towards the consumers concerned. Consumer authorities across the EU continue to receive indications that many of the cars affected have not been repaired yet.

24.000 consumers used new European platform in first year

While there are strong rules in place in the EU to protect consumers, in practice consumers sometimes encounter problems getting redress when their rights are violated, particularly cross border.

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Lithuanian shop in Polish

The Polish consumer after the purchase of fabrics in the online store after some days decided to return them. The owner of the store, however, did not agree to withdraw from the contract, justifying that its decision is in line with Lithuanian law. It turned out that although the shop was actually run all in Polish, used the Polish internet domain, the entrepreneur was registered in Lithuania. He stated in his rules of procedure that according to the law of the Republic of Lithuania the fabric belonges to a group of non-returnable goods.

Rent a car with a collision

A Polish consumer spent her holidays in Spain. Before leaving Poland she had rented a car through the website of the British broker. The consumer also decided to purchase additional “full protection” insurance. During her holidays she had collided with the other vehicle due to another driver's fault. Despite the fact she had bought car insurance, Spanish car rental company requested from her to cover the repair costs of 1000 EUR.

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