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European Commission modernises European rail passenger rights

The European Commission is updating the European rules on rail passenger rights to better protect train travellers in case of delays, cancellations or discrimination. Rail passengers should be fully protected no matter where they travel in the EU. The Commission also wants to guarantee adequate passenger information and to significantly improve the rights of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. At the same time, the Commission's proposal is proportionate and recognises that rail operators can, under strict circumstances, be exempted from having to compensate passengers in the event of delay.

Volkswagen should act according to the Directive on unfair commercial practices

The EU consumer authorities and the European Commission sent a joint letter to the CEO of Volkswagen urging the group to swiftly repair all cars affected by the "dieselgate" scandal. This is part of a coordinated action by EU consumer authorities to make sure that the Volkswagen group respects consumer law in the aftermath of the scandal and is proactive towards the consumers concerned. Consumer authorities across the EU continue to receive indications that many of the cars affected have not been repaired yet.

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Reimbursement for infectious disease

The Polish consumer has bought a flight from Cracow to Bristol with Irish airlines. A few days before leaving, she became ill with an infectious disease which prevented her from using the ticket. The consumer perceived her health problem as an extraordinary circumstance. She  decided to refer to the terms and conditions of carriage, which indicated that in the event of a serious passenger illness, the airline can make a return of cost "at its discretion".

Errors on the tracks

A polish consumer bought via internet two-way train tickets from Ostrava to Prague from the private Czech railway company. The trader offered a comfortable journey with many amenities. A few days after booking, Czech railways informed him by e-mail of the cancellation of tickets purchased due to technical errors in the reservation system. Despite the passage of several weeks and assurances of carrier that the paid funds will be returned, the consumer has not got the money back.

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