Consumer's complaint form

  1. Acquaint yourself with our web site, maybe you will find the answer after reading it.
  2. If the text of our web site did not dispel your doubts, contact us on the phone, by post, e-mail or personally. Our experts will provide you with a free-of-charge professional information or legal advice. If you want to lodge a complaint to an entrepreneur, please find the ready-made consumer complaint form, fill it in and send to the entrepreneur.
  3. If you want to make a consumer complaint for an entrepreneur, related to a specific cross-border transaction, contact us. The best way is to complete and send an application form or consumer complaint form. While making a complaint, try to deliver as much information and documents related to transaction as possible. Our experts will contact you and inform about the details related to inspection of your complaint.

    Go to the complaint form:

    consumer complain form

    The procedure of inspecting the consumer complaint by The European Consumer Centre covers the following main stages:

    • First of all, ECC's expert will specify the legitimacy of your complaint in the light of legal provisions;
    • If you still didn't do it and your claim is grounded, you should enter into independent communication with the entrepreneur as quickly as possible. At this stage ECC's expert may help you in analysing the documents, preparing a proper letter to the entrepreneur, providing necessary translations from/into a foreign language;
    • If your independent intervention did not bring any results, an ECC's expert may, with your approval, apply to the entrepreneur with a call for proper inspection of your complaint. Expert of ECC Poland may do it autonomically or by intermediation of ECC office in the country where the entrepreneur comes from;
    • If, in the result of ECC's intervention, it was impossible to reach an advantageous solution for you, ECC's expert will define a further amicable method of dispute settlement and with your approval will direct the case for inspection by a proper authority (amicable consumers' court, arbitration, mediation);
    • If an effort of amicable dispute settlement was not successful, ECC's expert will inform you about the way of asserting your claims in a court proceeding (civilian courts).

Important notice!

- Lodging a complaint to the ECC Poland does not suspend the period of prescription for bringing an action at law.

- ECC PL converts amount in dispute and the value of transactions in euro (EUR) at the average rate of National Bank of Poland from the day of the case acceptance by ECC PL, if the consumer chose different currency while making a report.

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