Examples of cases

Lithuanian shop in Polish

The Polish consumer after the purchase of fabrics in the online store after some days decided to return them. The owner of the store, however, did not agree to withdraw from the contract, justifying that its decision is in line with Lithuanian law. It turned out that although the shop was actually run all in Polish, used the Polish internet domain, the entrepreneur was registered in Lithuania. He stated in his rules of procedure that according to the law of the Republic of Lithuania the fabric belonges to a group of non-returnable goods.

Rent a car with a collision

A Polish consumer spent her holidays in Spain. Before leaving Poland she had rented a car through the website of the British broker. The consumer also decided to purchase additional “full protection” insurance. During her holidays she had collided with the other vehicle due to another driver's fault. Despite the fact she had bought car insurance, Spanish car rental company requested from her to cover the repair costs of 1000 EUR.

Compansation for spamming

Polish consumer notoriously was receiving SPAM messages from the popular in Poland, Swedish clothing store. Despite many contacts with the trader, the e-mails have not stopped coming. The consumer decided to hire a law company to help him block a unwanted massages. Despite the efforts, emails were still being sent.

Help! I was robbed

Polish consumer was spending holidays in a Spanish hotel in Tenerife. During her absence somebody broke into her locked room and stole a laptop of 3000 PLN (714 EUR) and a camera of 1500 PLN (360 EUR). The consumer immediately informed the manager of the hotel, who reported to the police of the incident.

ECC-Net and CPC-Net cooperation

Polish consumer has ordered from British trader the carriage of personal belongings from Poland to Great Britain. The service cost 300 euro. However it turned out that the trader has  charged the consumer of 265 euro extra as a punishment for the carriage of alcohol. ECC Poland jointly with ECC UK stated that such a record in contract is an illegal clause.

“Storm of customers”

A Polish seller was trying to expend his business so created Czech version of his online store. A Czech consumer purchased from him few dresses. Unfortunately they did not meet her expectations. Therefore, she decided to withdrew from the contract and send them back. But the dresses have returned to her. The Consumer tried to contact the online shop but then it turned out that its website was suspended.

Dietary supplements

A Finnish consumer bought supplements from a Polish seller. The product was covered by a quality guarantee, which meant that, in the absence of effects, the consumer could return the goods and receive a full reimbursement. Due to the lack of promised effects, the consumer returned the goods according the received instructions. Unfortunately he did not get promised  reimbursement.


Free book for 45 euros

One day a consumer while sitting at home heard the doorbell. She opened the door, in front of her was a courier who handed her a package with a book about dieting. Although she was surprised signed a protocol – she was assured that the book was free. After opening the package she noticed that behind the cover of the book was placed an invoice.

Snowboard on the snowmobile

A Polish consumer was spending winter holidays in the Czech ski resort. Due to damage of ski lift, the entrepreneur had provided its customers with alternative transport - snowmobile. The consumer was a passenger of snowmobile as well as his equipment - snowboard, which was packed to the rear of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the snowboard was placed carelessly near the exhaust pipe.

Bicycle fork

A consumer ordered via the Internet from a German seller a gift for her husband for more than 8 000 PLN – a bicycle. After receiving and unpacking, it turned out that the bicycle fork is damaged.
Not/free shipping

The consumer purchased pair of shoes from the German e-shop which had a quality certificate. After the delivery he decided to withdraw from the contract and return the boots to the seller. Terms & Conditions informed that the cost of returning the goods would be borne by the seller. The company offered its own courier service. The consumer ordered this courier twice, but each time its employee has not turned up.

Adventure in amusement park

The consumer went with his wife and children to the amusement park in Germany. While purchasing tickets had to keep an eye on his little children, so his attention was weakened. After leaving the cash register, he noticed that the cashier gave him 50 euros not enough rest.


The Polish consumer while watching teleshopping decided to purchase gold-plated necklace. After two weeks received a package. Unfortunately, he noticed that the product is not made from gold, but from its imitation - tombac. It also turned out that the seller is established in Hungary. However the buyer decided to withdraw from the contract and return the product to entrepreneur.

Air traffic

A Polish consumer was traveling from the town Chihuahua to Cracow through Mexico City and Frankfurt. Flight from Mexico to Germany was delayed one hour which made the consumer run late for the flight to Cracow. Finally, consumer arrived to Poland with 5-hours delay. The German carrier refused to pay any compensation and tried to justify himself by the air traffic congestion over the Frankfurt airport.

Sailing trip without luggage

A passenger from Poland was flying with the Italian airlines and her luggage has been delayed. The carrier informed her that it will be delivered the next day. The consumer has already rented a sailboat. After receiving the information that her luggage will arrive so soon she decided to wait for it at the port. For parking the sailboat paid an additional 158 euros.

The sample of cosmetics for 500 PLN

One day a Polish consumer found in his mailbox mysterious package addressed by the Austrian trader. The consignment contained samples of cosmetics. Surprised consumer considered that this is a form of advertising, because he has never purchased such goods. His surprise was even bigger when after a few weeks received a bill for allegedly "bought" cosmetics. Initially, he ignored it but later kept coming new invoices issued for higher and higher amounts. The consumer found the situation irratonal, but the trader referred the case to the debt collection company which sent another letter to him. Ultimately, the amount of consumer debt was more than 500 PLN (around 115 EUR).

When the carrier establishes its own law...

If in the course of the conducted case, the ECC encounters collective cross-border infringement of the consumers interests, reports it to the CPC-Net (network of consumer protection authorities of the EU Member States). So it was in the case of a consumer who was traveling with Hungarian airlines.

Leather sofa - shipping damages

The consumer from the Czech Republic bought in the Polish store leather sofa worth more than 1 500 euros. After a few days he noticed some defects in the furniture for example: broken seating, which may have occurred during transportation. The consumer contacted the seller and was proposed replacement of defective parts. At the next delivery, the consumer was more cautious and in the presence of the courier checked the delivered components.

Wrong children

A Cyprus consument was with his family on holidays in Poland. The consumer bought for his two children a trip from Krakow to Auschwitz. Trip was planned for the last days of their stay. The children were waiting for a cruise bus at the previously agreed place, but the bus did not arrive.

Brand suitcase

A Polish consumer owned brand, expensive suitcase. Before her flight to London, she decided to secure it against damage, for this purpose she went to a special foiling point at Chopin Airport. It was is an Italian company. Its employee while wrapping accidentally cut the suitcase with knife.

A change of plans

A consumer from Poland planned to study in Copenhagen. Therefore, in advance paid a deposit of 1,600 euros to the company renting rooms to students. Unfortunately, the consumer was forced to change his plans. He visited in person the office of the Danish entrepreneur, where he was assured that he would be returned most of the amount of the paid deposit.

Where's the charger?

A consumer from Romania purchased in the Polish online store hair straightener as a gift for his girlfriend. After a few days he received the product, but it was incomplete - it did not include a charger. In addition, the seller did not send manual of the device. The client decided to withdraw from the contract within 14 days and sent it back to Poland.

The fake wedding gift

A Polish consumer bought a sculpture offered on the Internet by a Dutch dealer as a work of the Dutch artist from the eighteenth century. He paid for it 9,000 euros, the sculpture was a wedding gift for his son. Art was consumer’s hobby. That is why after the delivery, he noticed that the sculpture has characteristics indicating that someone had forged it.

The sailor at sea without luggage

Consumer - a sailor working for international shipping companies, in order to get to the ship on which he was to spend six months, he traveled with German airlines. The carrier lost his luggage. It contained a lot of new things for the next half of year stay in the open sea. The consumer boarded the ship without it. After about 2 months, it turned out that the luggage couldn’t be found.

Two versions of the regulation - one air carrier

An Italian consumer bought tickets from Polish Airlines in the Flex tariff. According to the information included in the regulations in the Italian website of the carrier, the tariff enabled a full refund in case of resignation. The consumer planned to fly from Warsaw to Mediolan and back. Because of personal reasons she had to cancel the return flight. The carrier gave her money back, but it was only a small percentage of value of the ticket.

Troubles with flying back home

A consumer was supposed to return from her holidays in Cuba with French airlines to Warsaw through Paris. A few days before the departure she received information that her flight was cancelled and the next one will take place in three days. The consumer couldn’t afford to lengthen her stay and found an alternative connection. The carrier agreed to change her tickets for a flight a day earlier.

Mismatched game deletion

An Austrian customer bought online in a Polish shop, a video game, which can be started only with special key. That key was sent to him. However, after few days it appeared that he can no longer play.

The lost smartphone

A Polish consumer purchased a smartphone via online store of German trader. The delivered good turned out to be defective. The seller promised to replace the phone with a new one. After several weeks of waiting for the shipment, worried consumer contacted the trader.

The declaration of the carrier

The Belgian resident traveled with Polish Airlines from Brussels to Warsaw. Her luggage was delayed by over 24 hours. Passenger must have bought the necessary clothing and cosmetics. In total, she has spent 1,000 PLN.

Beyond repair

The ECC Poland visited a Polish consumer who bought for her son professional football shoes in the German online shop. Boy was playing in the footwear less than two months, when he discovered the crack of the material. The shoes cost more than 500 PLN so, they were relatively expensive.

Slovak consumer – polish manual

Slovakian consumer bought camera in polish online shop. Along with the device, the seller sent manual in polish. The consumer - according to Slovak consumer law - demanded to be provided with the document in his own language. Polish trader directed his client to website of the producer, where was placed the manual in  electronic version. The document contained approximately 200 pages, so printing it would be additional expense for the consumer. In this situation the client of polish shop made a complaint to ECC-Net.

First, document the damage...

A Belgian consumer - passenger of polish airlines was flying from Minsk to Brussels through Warsaw. Her luggage was lost. Therefore passenger gathered numerous documents showing the damage ie. receipts for the clothes that were in the suitcase. Despite this, airlines strongly refused the compensation.

A complaint to the dentist

During the holiday Austrian consumer had to go to the dentist in Poznan/Poland. Unfortunately surgery was performed badly, so the consumer complained of pain in the jaw and headache.

The unused airplane tickets ...

A Polish consumer who had lived for many years in the UK, decided to visit Poland, so purchased plane tickets for all family members from the Irish carrier. Unfortunately, the implementation of this plan was disturbed by illness and death of her husband. Therefore, the Pole asked the airline for a refund. But the complaint has not been resolved in favor of the consumer.

Sometimes the game does not pay off

The consumer from the Netherlands wanted to buy the game on the website of Polish company. For this purpose created an account on the portal of entrepreneur, paid money on the account and ordered the game. The seller did not deliver the ordered good, however due to consumer complaint promised to return the money. Weeks passed and the consumer has not received the refund.

Mistyped address

A Polish consumer purchased clothes worth over 600 euros in UK online store. Since the seller made mistake while typing her address, the package was delivered to the wrong place. Consequently, the consumer was left without money and without the ordered goods.

Hotel is not enough

A passenger of German airline was traveling from Stuttgart through Berlin to Krakow. The first part of the trip was delayed and she did not manage to catch the flight from Berlin to Krakow. The carrier acknowledged its responsibility for the delay and guaranteed her accommodation in a hotel. As it turned out the hotel was far away from the airport and the consumer had to take a taxi. Additionally incurred costs related to the purchase of food. So after returning to Poland she decided to present receipts for food and taxi to the carrier and requested a refund. Unfortunately, the airline tried to avoid its responsibility.

Bad technology of production

A consumer has bought form the German online shop sandals. Although during the winter she kept them in the right way, under appropriate conditions, the shoes got destroyed. Leather straps around the shoe came off. The consumer consulted this defect with a shoemaker who indicated that the repair is basically impossible, and above all very expensive due to the fact that the defect is the result of poor technology of production.

A thief in the hotel

A consumer was spending dream vacation with his family in Tenerife. Unfortunately, during their stay at the hotel, somebody broke into the hotel room and has stolen items worth about 3,000 euros (mobile phones, camera, laptop, tablet, branded sunglasses).

No car, no money…

The consumer from Norway decided to buy a car in Poland. With the help of Polish agent found dream vehicle. The agreement with Polish dealer was signed and the consumer has paid more than 2,000 euros in advance. Time passed, and the car wasn’t still delivered to Norway.

Plastered designer shoes

A consumer purchased branded shoes form German online store. In a surprisingly short time shoes, despite that they were used sporadically and in a manner consistent with the agreement, got unsticked. The consumer has contacted the trader twice, but was offered only lowering the price of shoos by 20 PLN, which was a small percentage of the price of shoes.


The academic choral team, group of 12 students traveled from Barcelona through Berlin to Warsaw. At the Tegel airport in Berlin, their flight to Poland was canceled. Having spent the night in a hotel at the expense of the carrier, the group flew the next morning.

Video - camera that does not record

The consumer from Slovakia has ordered a video camera in Polish online shop. After receiving it, he noticed that the video recording option did not work.

On the island with a damaged luggage...

Consumer was traveling German airlines to the Dominican Republic. After arrival to the island, it turned out that his luggage was lost. After a few days of vacation suitcase was delivered to him, but unfortunately in very bad condition.

Fake perfume

Polish consumer has purchased via the internet bottle of branded perfume from a company registered in Estonia. Her order was realized and after a few days she received perfume. Unfortunately, it turned out that the product was an imitation of well-known brand.

Cheap / expensive tickets

In May 2013, Polish consumer has purchased three plane tickets through the website of the Irish carrier. Total price of the tickets was 1,540 PLN. Consumer paid for them by its Polish credit card. Two days after purchase, it turned out that from the card was retrieved 1745,23 PLN.

Wrong use of shoes

Polish consumer purchased in the French online shop shoes for her child. New pair of boots cracked after just few times of wearing. Consumer sent a complaint to the trader. Seller did not agreed with the claim of client, explaining that the shoes were wrongly used.

Conclusion of the contract without consumer's knowledge

Client of German travel agency has received a special voucher which gave him a discount at prospective purchasers of trips. The consumer decided to check the veracity of the offer. He chose a random destination on the agency’s website and entered in the online form number of voucher. It turned out that the price in fact was lower by 15%. The next day the consumer received an email that confirmed purchasing of trip, although he has not fulfilled any fields necessary to conclude an agreement.

Defective microwave oven - who is responsible seller, manufacturer or repair service?

Lithuanian consumer bought a microwave on the website of Polish trader. The device broke down and under the warranty went to repair to the service in Lithuania. After some time the consumer has informed the service that the microwave broke down again. Service, however, stated the inability to repair it because the Polish producer hadn’t delivered spare parts.

Shopping at airline’s expense and the internal " provisions” of the carrier

Passenger was traveling from the Czech Republic to Poland and his luggage was lost. He decided to buy the most necessary things (shirt, sweater, underwear and toiletries) and kept receipts. Then asked carrier to give him his money back.

The Spongebob costume sent after deadline

Polish consumer had bought for her child Spongebob costume. French online shop guaranteed performance of the contract within three days from the date of purchase. Despite fast, timely payment and repeated requests, the consumer did not received the consignment on time.

Children alone on the plane

Polish consumer had bought tickets from the German carrier for her two children. The siblings were supposed to travel alone, therefore their mom decided to buy an extra service - personal care of stewardess. When checking in, one of airport ground handling worker took the children’s special bags with documents, which should be sign that they were traveling alone and needed assistance of stewardess.

Dirty car = damaged car?

During the summer holidays Polish consumer rented a car from a Spanish trader. After seven days he returned it.

Returning goods bought online: Polish consumer / UK seller

A Polish consumer bought a dress from a UK seller's website but decided she did not like it when it arrived.

She returned the goods within the cooling off period that she was entitled to under the EU...