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Amendment to the Polish Language Act

The amendment to the Polish Language Act has come into action on 15 October 2009. The new regulation has a significant impact on Polish consumer’s protection law, concerning both foreign and national consumers. It has been enacted in response to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruling, upon which articles 8 passage 2 and 3 have been declared unconstitutional and, in consequence, non-binding.

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Compansation for spamming

Polish consumer notoriously was receiving SPAM messages from the popular in Poland, Swedish clothing store. Despite many contacts with the trader, the e-mails have not stopped coming. The consumer decided to hire a law company to help him block a unwanted massages. Despite the efforts, emails were still being sent.

Help! I was robbed

Polish consumer was spending holidays in a Spanish hotel in Tenerife. During her absence somebody broke into her locked room and stole a laptop of 3000 PLN (714 EUR) and a camera of 1500 PLN (360 EUR). The consumer immediately informed the manager of the hotel, who reported to the police of the incident.

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